Current Projects

BILT Graphic Paper Products Ltd – Ballarpur MH

Scope: Engineering study for expansion of Chlorine Dioxide Plant

Gharda Chemicals Ltd., Lote Maharashtra

Scope: Basic & Detail Engineering services for 50 TPD KOH plant

Grasim Industries Ltd., Chemical Division – Caustic Soda Balabhadrapuram

Scope: Hazop Study for 20 TPH Boiler and submit report.

Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd.; Tamilnadu

Scope: Know-how, Basic / Detail Engineering Services for plant’s caustic soda production capacity from 150 to 250 metric tonne per day (MTD). (Click here to read more)

Grasim Industries Ltd., Vilayat Gujarat

Scope: Engineering Services for Chlorine Gas supply to ECH Plant.

Shree Pushkar Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd Maharashtra

Scope: Preparation of Cost Estimate for 35 TPD Caustic Soda Plant at Lote, Maharashtra.

CCM Chemicals SDN Bhd. Malaysia

Scope: Study Report for optimizing PGW1 & PGW-2 plant production capacity rate and residual engineering for conversion of existing electrolyzers to NCZ.

EPIGARAL Limited, Dahej – Gujarat

Scope: Engineering Services for Capacity expansion of Existing HCl Acid Neutralization Plant – I

Tata Chemicals Ltd., Mithapur Gujarat

Scope: Basic / Detail Engineering Services for Existing Hypo Plant upgradation.

Fortal Indústria e Comércio S/A; Brazil. 

Scope: Know-how, Basic / Detail Engineering Services for 30 TPD Methyl Chloride Plant.

Kutch Chemicals Ltd.; Gujarat.  

Scope: Know-how, Basic / Detail Engineering Services for Chlorine Gas supply for Chloromethane and Hydro chlorination Plant

Grasim Industries Ltd.; Karnataka.  

Scope: Know-how, Engineering & Project Management Services For 5 TPD Chlorine Dioxide Plant.

TGV SRAACL, Kurnool, A.P.

Scope: Engineering Services for Outside & Inside Cell House for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Cell House, including Chlorine & Hydrogen Handling, Dechlorination & Chlorate destruction Unit.

TGV SRAACL, Kurnool, A.P.

Scope: Engineering Services for Chlor Methane Plant – 3.

Meghmani Finechem Ltd.; Dahej.  

Scope: Engineering Services for 60 TPD Methyl Chloride Plant

Cabot Sanmar Ltd.; Mettur Dam.  

Scope: Engineering Services for 4700 TPA Fumed Silica expansion.

Meghna PVC Ltd.; Dhaka;  Bangladesh  (Meghna Group)

Scope: Engineering for 130 TPD Caustic Soda Plant. Electrolyser Techonolgy by INEOS.

Chemplast Sanmar Ltd.; Karaikal.

Scope:  Engineering Services for Hydrogen Bottling Unit