Basic Engineering

Over the years, Protech has developed Basic Engineering expertise in many areas. PROTECH has a team of experienced Process Engineers who are capable of carrying out basic design of process plants from pilot plant level by close interaction with the technologies involved in process development.Following are the list of works done under Basic Engineering: Process Engineering

  • Specification of raw materials and utilities.
  • Specification of finished product and co-product and their capacities.
  • Details of effluent generated in the plant and their treatment to meet the emission standards as per statutory requirement.
  • Process Flow diagram with over all material & energy balance.
  • Preliminary Piping & Instrumentation diagram (P&ID) for process section and utilities.
  • Process control and interlock description.
  • Utility consumption data.
  • Valve Classification.
  • Valve List.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Equipment list

Piping Engineering

  • Basic piping specification
  • Piping Line List

Instrumentation Engineering

  • Preliminary Instrument Summary.
  • Preliminary Input / Output (I/O) list for DCS.

Project Engineering

  • Project schedule bar chart
  • Potential Vendor list

The above layouts can be viewed as PDF below